Raphael Jocham
Design for Interaction and Digital Media.


Google Earth View A collection of the most striking and enigmatic landscapes available in Google Earth. The Earth can be explored through the magnificent colors of satellite images. This project was awarded with the Webby Award for the ”Best User Experience“ 2018.
webby Award 2018 Logo
Earth View screen 1 Earth View screen 2 Earth View screen 3 Earth View screen 4 Earth View screen 5


Trufi App A mobile non-profit app for public transport in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Designed for the people and visitors of Cochabamba to facilitate the use of buses, micros and trufis.
Trufi App Trufi App Trufi App Trufi App Trufi App


MDR Climate Map A mobile first website that shows the climate change in Central Germany. Exploring the period from 1961 to 2085, one gets an idea of how the climate can change. Corresponding articles can be seen on the time scale.
Climate Map Screen 1 Climate Map Screen 2 Climate Map Screen 3 Climate Map Screen 4 Climate Map Screen 5 Climate Map Screen 6
Climate Map Screen 7 Climate Map Screen 8 Climate Map Screen 9 Climate Map Screen 10


Ubilabs A specialist for interactive maps. Represented on conferences through unique marketing materials. An interactive Christmas surprise is published every year. Here an animation is simulated by simply superimposing two images.
visit christmas card
Ubilabs Marketing 1
Ubilabs Marketing 2 Ubilabs Marketing 3
Ubilabs Marketing 4 Ubilabs Marketing 4 Ubilabs Marketing 4 Ubilabs Marketing 4 Ubilabs Marketing 4
Ubilabs Marketing 7 Ubilabs Marketing 8 Ubilabs Marketing 9


Fragment Newspaper is a newspaper concept where the buyer, according to his taste, can put together his personal newspaper. The fragments: Economy, politics, society, sport, magazine, travel and culture can be combined according to interests or current topics.
Fragment Zeitung Image 1 Fragment Zeitung Image 2 Fragment Zeitung Image 3 Fragment Zeitung Image 4 Fragment Zeitung Image 5
2016 – present UI/UX Designer at «Ubilabs GmbH»
2013 – 2016 Junior Art Director at «Agentur Punktlandung GmbH» (freelancer)
2013 – 2016 Freelancer as Communications Designer
2011 – 2015 Bachelor of Arts in «Kommunikationsdesign» (visual communication)
2011 – 2012 Quality assurance at «neveling.net GmbH»
2010 – 2011 Internship at «Gute Ausssicht GmbH»
2005 – 2009 Apprenticeship as a car mechanic

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